Best Gym Cardio Work Plan For Weight Loss

You can lose your body weight and get a perfect shape if your do cardiovascular exercises in a correct manner. Most gyms provide a various equipment for Cardio exercises, you can change your routine on a regular basis for a full body workout. Gym Cardio Workout plan can help you to keep your body tight and toned, increase your strength and lose weight.

gym cardio workout plan

There are many fitness programs which include cardio as an essential part as it is very easy to follow and perfect for the beginners who are planning for weight loss. The intensity and duration of your best weight loss program decide the results you will get. The US Health department recommends that men and women should complete at least 2.5 hours of cardio exercises every week to stay fit. If you are planning to follow best fitness programs, then you must try to spend 30 minutes a day on cardiovascular routines in a week for getting faster results. You can also follow a 5-day cardiovascular plan which includes various full body exercises.

Day One

Start with simple jogging or running on a treadmill while listening to some motivational music. This will help you in keep going and burn calories. After your run,  increase your leg muscle definition by doing some squats and calf raises using your own body weight.

Day Two

Workout a stationary bike for 30 minutes. Along with this complete some resistance exercises for strengthening your back muscles such as pull-downs, bent-over rows or back extensions.

Day Three

Hit the treadmill once again, this time for walking uphill for at least 30 minutes, by adjusting the incline of the equipment. This will help reduce your butt. When you are done walking, work on your chest muscles by doing bench presses and push-ups.

Day Four

On the fourth day of your workout plan, do hopping on an elliptical cross-training machine which will burn your calories. When you are done with cardio, work on your biceps and triceps.

Day Five

On the last day of your cardio routine, attend an aerobic class. After the class, work on your abdominal muscles by doing some quick abdominal exercises like sit-ups, bicycle and leg stretches.

The above routine can help you in reducing fat and gain muscle strength fast. You can listen to music while exercising to stay motivated. MP45 is a popular workout training program which will help you to lose weight and become fit in 45 days. Our experts provide gym cardio workout plan for beginners to help them to stay motivated to achieve their fitness goals.


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