What Are The Best Exercise Programs For Beginners?

exercise programs for beginners

These days, many people are more conscious of their health. A healthy lifestyle must comprise of diet and exercises. Our focus here will be on the best exercise programs for beginners but it is also important to check your diet to ensure that it is healthy and nutritious. Before you think of how to begin exercising, you need to know that as a beginner you should start slow. Our bodies are minds are homoeostatic machines which constantly search for consistency and comfort.

If you suddenly change your lifestyle habits, you run the risk of failing. As a start, ensure that you train for two days every week, and get your body used to it. This will help the body establish the habit of working out, and going to the exercise place. Let nobody lie to you. Exercising is not easy. It involves working against your body’s comfort region. You will have to take heart and convince yourself. With this in mind, the foaling are the best gym workouts for women, which are also recommended as the best gym workouts for men.


This is a very important work-out that will help you lose weight if you want to, or build muscles if that is your goal of exercising. Place hands on floor, outside the shoulder width then tighten your abs. While keeping the body straight, lower the body until your chest almost touches the floor. Do this repeatedly for about 60 seconds.

Cycling stationery bike:

Although it may seem a simple exercise, cycling stationery bike is one of the workouts that work very well on all the muscles in your legs. You should cycle for as long as you can, at the highest speed you can manage.

Lifting weights:

This is another very important workout. You need not lift very heavy materials to reap the benefits of working. Even the lifting of dumbbells can help exercises your muscles and the entire body get the benefits of gym workout.

MP45 is a 45 day workout program & meal plan guide for the gym created by Jaret Grossman, former collegiate athlete and certified personal trainer who is one of the founders of the popular fitness brand, Muscle Prodigy.


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