Do’s and Don’ts in a Gym Exercise Routine


Whether you have been working out for 2 weeks or 2 decades, it could be possible that there are some mistakes that you are making that are preventing you from getting optimum results. Here are some dos and don’ts that are important in any gym exercise routines.

Do for beginners

If you have just started working out, it is advisable to:

Workout every day. As a beginner you will need to form a workout habit. When you do something on a daily basis no matter how small it is, this can end up helping you with consistency. A good idea would be to target 30 minutes of cardio each day and strength training twice in a week for 2 to 3 months or until you get to a point where you feel the exercise is ingrained as part of your daily routine.

Stay loose. Whether this is due to the lack of confidence or your determination in loss weight, it is always possible to become tense as you workout. This should not be the case and you need to relax those muscles that you aren’t working out. Not only will you have more energy but you will experience better results.

Breathe better. In order to improve on performance, it is important to focus on your breathing. During those rest phases, you should inhale deeply. During the work phases, exhale forcefully. With a powerful exhale, it is possible to generate more force.


Avoid doing the same routine. Many beginners make the mistake of sticking to the same gym exercise routine and for a similar duration and intensity. They can stick to the treadmill until they get injured or die out of boredom. The reason why they do this is that when they focus on a single exercise, it gets easier and they end up thinking that they are getting better. However, the truth of the matter is that it is only their muscles that are getting accustomed to the challenge. This is why it is important to mix your routine as you vary the intensity, cross-training on a bike or even the elliptical machine.

Avoid slouching. You posture can affect the mood and your performance. Slumping can cause you to checkout your workout physically and mentally. The less focus that you will have on the sweat session, the less benefits you will reap. Slouching can also prevent you from breathing in a deep manner despite the fact that this is necessary for delivering oxygen to muscles.


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