Top 4 Fat Burning Workouts For Women


There is no single secret that can be said to be the best for fat burning. If you are trying to stay lean and show some muscles, it is important to engage in conditioning and cardiovascular workouts. Even if you don’t like cardios, you need to understand that they can be quite essential. You need to design your cardio workouts in the same way that you do with your weight lifting exercises. Everything should be fast-paced, interesting and fun. Here are the top 4 fat burning workouts for women that you need to try out.

Goble Squat

This is without doubt a great way of squatting. When you front-load the weight, you will be able to keep the trunk in an upright position. This will remove the stress from the spine and also work the thighs in a more thorough way. These forms of workouts are usually safer and are more accessible as compared to the barbell squats particularly for the higher- rep weight loss training. To perform this exercise you will need either a dumbbell for training easier or the kettlebell for harder training. You should then stand before sitting and keep repeating the exercise.

Dumbbell/barbell muscle snatch

With the Olympic lifts, it is possible to train for the total body power and hammer the metabolic muscles that are on your body’s backside. However, these are not only technical but they can be difficult to learn. You will need to start from the hang position while holding a bar close to your knees. This will not only serve to decrease the range of motion but it can also serve to bypass the possible mobility issues.

You will then need to extend your knee, hips and ankles fully to get into a full stand when you are getting on top of the move. Some of the other key variations may require that you jump with the feet out and also squat down in a bid to catch the weight. This will not only create some serious stability but will improve the demand for mobility that you may want to avoid when in the state of high fatigue.

Dumbbell farmer’s walk

Walking is another great way of maintaining a heavy body weight in the long run. This is also one of the exercises that you will practice till you die. This does not only provide continuous and low impact burning of calories but the bump in intensity will burn fat and build muscles.

Box squat jump

With the plyometric workouts, it is possible to stimulate the larger and fast-twitching fiber muscles. This is on top of burning fat. However, the impact will take its toll with time particularly for people who are overweight. It is possible to clean up your landing mechanics as you sit down between the reps. It is also possible to adjust the box’s height depending on fitness level and mobility.


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