The Best Workout To Get Ripped


Are you looking for a good workout that will enable you to get ripped? One of the most effective training for doing so is resistance training. In fact this is more effective than cardio and you should therefore ensure that it is part of your training program. Here are some of the best workouts to get ripped.


This is the best exercise that you can engage in. The good thing with it is that it is able to hit all the muscles groups while emphasizing on the lower body muscles as well as the core. The more the motor units and muscle mass that are recruited when exercising, the better the exercise will be for the burning of fat and there is no better form of exercise for doing that than squats.

In order to target the different muscles, a good idea would be to incorporate the squats variations. This is important as the front squat usually focus on quadriceps. Back squats work the hamstrings and gluteals and is able to recruit some more muscle activation.

Barbell squat

You can change the muscles that you need to work on by simply changing your width’s stance. With a narrow stance, it is possible to work the quadriceps while a wide stance is able to work the mainstrings and gluteals. You can perform squats using dumbbells, swiss balls, barbells or just your weight to do squats. The decision to use the free weights such as dumbbells and barbells or the machines such as the hack squats will also affect the squat’s effectiveness.


Deadlifts are only secondary to the squat. The good thing with deadlifts is that they hit the back instead of the entire core and are able to recruit and strengthen the large muscles of the lower body from your shoulder to the legs and hips while emphasizing on gluteus maximum, hamstrings, quadriceps, abdominals, hips and strengthening & stabilizing the lower back as well as the erector spinae.

This is a very key exercise as the lower back is an area that is very weak and can cause injuries, instability as well as many other issues. Depending on the grip strength and your forearm, you can choose to use straps for holding grip to barbell as you begin moving the heavier weights.

Power cleans

The power cleans affects the same muscles as the deadlifts even though they are not able to move heavy loads. This compound power exercise is able to work the quadriceps, lower legs, gluteals, deltoids and upper back. This is the reason why power works are quite effective to use and even though power cleans are a bit difficult, when done in the right manner; these can be a true asset.


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