How To Build The Best Workout Program


The best workout guide revolves around many aspects of an individual: general health and physique, age, nutrition, personal goals, availability of time etc. The best program must be decided by a person by creating the most suitable workout routine. Coming up with a workout schedule is not easy; it may be intimidating but as long as you get the right basics, the whole process becomes fun.

  • Devote ample time for workouts

First and foremost, examine your situation and see how much time you have available for exercising. We have different household demands, for instance, if you have a spouse, four kids, and three businesses to run, you might find that time for exercising is limited. In this case you can dedicate yourself to exercising by waking up earlier enough to get at least 30 minutes for training. Physical doesn’t have to involve a lot of time in the gym; you can accomplish your training goals with as little as 30 minutes a day for workouts.

  • Choose the right exercises

Keep your exercises very simple. Focus on compound workouts for your body muscles, not unless you are a professional weightlifter. Full body exercises will ensure a balance in your body muscles.

Best exercises for different muscles

Quads: perform lunges, squats and box jumps

Glutes and Hamstrings: do hip raises, step-ups, and deadlifts

The chest : bench presses ,dumbbell press, dips, and push-ups

The back: pull-ups, inverse rows, dumbbell rows, and chin ups

The Core: planks, leg raises, ball crunches, mountain climbing, knee jumps etc.

You may add other exercises in your program so as to avoid boredom. Remember that muscles do not grow while working, they add mass during rest. Provide a rest period of about 2-3 days so that the muscles can recover.

  • Sets

Every exercise needs around three to five sets, excluding the warm-ups. Maintain a range of 15 to 25 sets for all workouts. Doing more than 25 sets is overworking.

  • Repetitions

The rep range per set should be 8-15. This range is good for burning calories while building mass. In case you find yourself comfortable doing 15 reps and above, it’s high time you switch to some tougher exercises or add more weight. For strength and mass building, ensure that you vary the ranges of repetitions of certain exercises. Low reps are suitable for heavier weightlifting while high reps for lower weightlifting. Medium reps go with medium weights.

If you have a good working plan that is effective, then, keep up with the good work. However, it is important to understand all the essentials of the best workout programs so that you practice them.


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