Best Way to Lose Weight For Women Aged Over 40


At advanced stages of life, women find that they involuntarily gain weight however much they try to lose it. At the age of 40’s, the mess that you did when you were in your 20’s and 30’s will now start haunting you. Your mid-section will just grow even if you change your dietary habits. However, all hope is not lost. You can still lose weight even at your advanced age. In fact, you need not enrol or buy membership to an expensive gym. You can shed those excess pounds right at your home.

There are various ways to lose weight but almost all involve combination of exercises and diet. This has been supported by scientific studies which show that the combination of regular exercises with the necessary dietary changes is the only secret to losing weight regardless of your age. Any method of losing weight loss must also involve ways of boosting the body metabolism. Once your body is conditioned to burn more fats, you will realise that you lose weight without much effort.

For women, what most weight loss programs will not tell you is that unsafe weight loss is as dangerous as the excess weight. Some of the so called best ways to lose weight especially those which promise unrealistically fast or rapid weight loss are not safe in the long run. The feminine body should generally have more fats than muscles.

How to Boost Body Metabolism

As a woman, you may get worried after learning that almost everything stems to stop working properly when you reach age 30. The good news is that you can easily boost the body metabolism and maintain the rapid burning of fats in the body and all that is required to do this is within your reach. Rule number one is to check your diet. Ensure that your diet is comprised of protein-rich, healthy foods in order to support the body metabolism. Also ensure that you moderate the calorie intake.

The recommended rate is no more than 50 calories a day and no more than 3,500 calories per week. In every good and effective workout program, diet goes hand in hand with exercises and so you need to engage in strength training exercises at least two days every week in order to fight the loss of muscle.

Ensure you also include cardio exercises at least three days in a week so as to hike your body metabolism. Thus a typical week will have two days of strength training, three days of cardio workouts and then two days for rest. The resting is important because it allows the body to rejuvenate.

Cardio exercises are those exercises which cause your heart to pump faster and they include running, fast walking up and down stairs cases, jumping, and jogging. Strength training involves that work on your upper and lower body torso and they include push-ups, pull-ups, and barbell press.


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