Vital Considerations In Any Beginner Workout Women

women workout plan

Designing beginner workout for women is something that should be done carefully bearing in mind the goals that want to be attained. Women are not as muscular as men and so anything that is included in the workout should consider the feminine structure and needs. The following considerations are very important.

The weight to be used:

This question is usually tricky. Introduction of very heavy weight can have drastic effects of causing injuries. Too little or light weight may offer no benefits at all. The levels of strengths vary among women just the way they vary among men. Thus, it is important to first evaluate the level of strength and fitness in the women before anything can be suggested. Whatever level of weight is introduced, abrupt increase in the weight can cause serious injury to the muscles and may have negative effect on the level of motivation.

The circuit and reps

To be effective, strength training workouts for women should performed in the circuit fashion. The meaning of this is that the exercises should be performed sequentially one after the other and a total of between 6 and 10 reps must be performed in any single circuit. It is recommended that you focus on slow reps since doing it too fast does not offer much benefit.

Do not do it to the extent of getting sore:

Extremes are dangerous and in designing beginner workout program for women, you should avoid too many reps as they may have the drawback of causing injuries and other unwanted effects. However, this does not mean that one should do only the simple exercises. In setting the goals, and the exercises the SMART rule should be followed, that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound. ‘


Resting is part of women’s beginner workout plan. In fact, there should be at least two days of the week for nothing else but resting. This is important as in gives the muscles and tissue to heal and rejuvenate as you prepare the next schedule of workouts for the following week.

Do not forget the diet:

Diet plays very important role in the success of any workout program. In fact, for beginners, the greatest challenges may not be the exercises but the dietary changes. You have to check the amount of calories you take whether you want to lose weight or build muscles. For weight loss, the rate of calories intake should be less than the rate of burning. For building of muscles, the rate of intake of calories should be higher than the rate of burning them. At the same time, the diet should have all the required nutrients in order to boost the body immunity and strength to the required levels.


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