How To Build The Best Male Physique Ever

muscle building program

The basics of building a masculine body are good nutrition and heavy lifts. However, to get a symmetrical and proportionate body, a man must structure the best workout program and orient every niche of the program towards achieving his goals in the shortest time possible. The ideal male body is perceived as one with wide shoulders, massive legs, and narrow waistline. The road to getting such a body is not easy but if the following guidelines are followed, it can be achieved.

Taming the hormones

For a man to lose stubborn fat, his body hormones need to be working at their optimal levels. Generally, most body fat gets stored around the waist in men’s bodies unlike women’s whereby it accumulates around thighs and hips. This is because male and female bodies have different hormones. To clarify the matter, men have greater levels of cortisol hormone which triggers fat storage around the mid-section. Women on the other hand have estrogen, which facilitates storage of fat on the lower body. Testosterone is a major hormone in men and it is the reason why men are more muscular. Higher levels of testosterone speed up muscle gain while lower levels tend to slow down the progress of building a great man physique. Testosterone and insulin don’t work in antagonism as a man tries to keep up with a fat loss program. Insulin poses resistance to fat loss I body areas like the lower back, the abs, and obliques. Nevertheless, it is possible to build the desired body through insulin management. A man can manage insulin level by supplements and proper dieting. Supplementation options include taking high content of fish oil which controls the level of insulin. Cinnamon can also help mitigate insulin if taken with carbohydrates. Studies also show that taking apple cider vinegar before a meal offers similar results. Combining these supplements with the best workouts at the gym, a man can experience profound benefits in his endocrine system in his journey to building a beach-ready body.

Training in varieties

To build an impressive masculine body, a man needs to switch his exercises more often. Having a variety of workouts to do is motivating and the frequency of change is determined by fitness goals. A muscle building program for instance should be adjusted after every 2-4 months. Weight loss program needs to be switched after 1-2 months. The changes will help the body remain ahead of adaptation graph. It should be noted that the ideal masculine physique is X—shaped i.e. broad shoulders, small waist, and well- structured calves. For the purpose of getting broad shoulders, core movements are key e.g. lateral raises and push press. A 15-minute exercise is enough for the shoulders. For a narrow waist, it requires less body fat. This means training for total body fat loss. Strong calves are hard to come by hence they need to be trained more frequently I a week. They should be the first priority during a workout session. In order to become leaner, a consistent change in workouts is paramount. It revs up metabolism for faster fat loss. The changes should involve switching to different exercises for similar movements e.g. from push-ups to bench presses; or trading dumbbells with barbells for a particular workout. To make a better structural change, it is good to time the sets rather than just making a count of repetitions made in a given set. As many reps should be accomplished in a particular period of time.

Incorporating a variety of workouts accelerates the results of a perfect body and also keeps a program more exciting and fresh.

These are the 2 simplest strategies that can help a man shed fat flabs, add muscles in the right body parts, and create a physique every woman wants to see naked.


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